Tour Photos Galore

Hello all!

We’ve just come back from the last little leg of the Tour at the Bottom of the Sea. The following photos are a bit of a hodge podge, from Hudson to DC and everywhere in between. We had a delightful time, as always. Highlights below.

Stephin sang some songs in a silver room at the Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh.

Stephin, still at the Warhol.

On the road again.

Soundcheck, Carnegie Lecture Hall.

A fan in a super awesome homemade t-shirt.

Badass load-out, Pittsburgh.


Woo, pudding. Somewhere in the suburbs of Detroit.

Mike works hard at the booth in Pontiac.


Claudia, clouds.

Sam, shredding.

Cold chilling.


Ben Harrison of the Warhol, a total sweetie pie.

Claudia, Mike, dinosaurs.

This photo comes pre-captioned.

Sometimes the lobby parties are too well-lit.

Sixth and I Synagogue, on the other hand, had great lighting.

And then we went to the Smithsonian National Zoo. Meet out new friend, the giant anteater.

John Hamm. Get it? He’s named John, and he’s a ham.

Sam is more of an understated ham.

Some light reading.

Sixth and I soundcheck.

Meet Max, our favorite Duck.

We always eat breakfast like this on tour.

From Helsinki Hudson, one of our favorite spots.

Whew! It was a wonderful week, for me especially. Not many merch girls get to be the opening act. It’s always a pleasure! A few more photos to come, mostly likely, as they trickle in.




















Berlin, Hamburg, Amsterdam, The End

Tonight was the band’s last show of the tour. The last one! It’s been 3.5 weeks in Europe, and 6 weeks in the US before that, so I’m sure they’re all ready to come home and go grocery shopping like normal humans.

But first, allow me to present their last few days on the road.

There is a lot of beer in Germany.

Also, food to go with the beer.

Not sure what this liquid is, but I don’t think it’s wheatgrass.

Stephin sent this with the caption ‘Werner Herzog’s House.’

Also, it’s 1975 in Germany.


Stairway to Hamburg.

Gear, church.

Woo, tonight.

Party in the hohle.

German train station where John accidentally got abandoned for a few hours.

Swan, boats, Hamburg.

Fried things, some of which appear to be wrapped around other fried things.

Waiting on a train.

Vaginal Davis and Irving the Donkey

The scale of this is very confusing to me.

Everyone else looks fairly alert, but poor Jason appears to be 3/4 asleep. To quote Elisabeth Shue, it ain’t easy babysittin’ these guys.

The band seems to have played a show at this venue inside Audrey II’s stomach.

Rather, at an abandoned roller rink.

Almost time to come home.


Pramsterdam. (These captions by Shirley.)

Iamsterdam. (Caption care of Sam and/or the rainbow, not sure who sent the email.)

Jamsterdam. (Shirley again.)

I asked for pictures of weed, but all they sent were pretty pictures of boats and canals. Jeez.

One more load-in.

The boss. One more show, and he’s halfway onto the Gypsy Fade.

The final TMF team photo at De Duif, Amsterdam, with Alasdair and Lupe of Amor de Días.

And just like that, they’re on their way home. See you next time, friends.

We’ll be setting up an online store for new and old merch, so stay tuned for that. You can always find us on Twitter @themagfields, and on Facebook, and via the newsletter on the House of Tomorrow.

Love and safe trips home to my friends,

Sweden, Norway, Owls, Snacks

Hello and welcome back to my shoddy coverage of the Magnetic Fields’ European Jaunt! The band only has a few days left, and from the looks of these pictures, things are getting wackier and wackier.

Maybe on the next tour, they’ll spring for hotels with furniture.

Cheery scenery, care of Stephin. Now I understand why there are so many Swedish comedians.

Certain things need no translation.

Shirley found Jesus. Or maybe it was the other way around?

Now that’s pretty. You know, if I’d gone with them, I would have made damn sure to find these cheekbones. 

Hot tubbin’.


The sky is as blue as Alexander Skarsgard’s eyes. 

As Shirley says, only in Sweden does it rain even when the sun is shining.

Of course, Skarsgard is not the only vampire in town.

Even if I hadn’t just seen ‘The Cabin in the Woods,’ I would still know that this was a place murderers liked to hang out. DON’T GO IN THE BASEMENT, GUYS. (Spoiler alert: they’re already in Germany, so you don’t have to worry.)

This was in the lobby, for free. Goddamn you, Sweden! Every time I was just glad to be home and away from the creepy murderers, you reel me back in.

How do you say owl in Swedish? Or Norwegian? I’ll accept both.

On the move.

Waiting for Godot. To Godot to stage, that is.

Flowers on our dining room table, just because,

Next stop, Germany!



Scandinavia Is Rainy and Full of Design Objects

Hello! This post will contain pictures of Oslo, Gothenburg, the Helsinki airport, and probably one to two stray other cities and countries. I wasn’t there, and so I have a hard time keeping track. Please forgive my extreme ignorance in advance. The band is still as adorable as ever, and does it really matter where they are? They are in your hearts, always.

Claudia reports that everything is mustard-colored in Scandinavia.

I’m just saying, I better get a present for updating the blog from home. From a place that starts with an ‘M,’ ends with an ‘o,’ and is pictured above. Hint.

Eve seems to be digging John’s vibe, as they say.

This is actually a still from the follow-up to Strange Powers, Fun at Airports with the Magnetic Fields. It’s a short film.

Photo care of Stephin, obviously. Subject line: soft serve.

Sam is soooo non conveyable.

Oslo, you scary.

Death Metal Shots by Stephin #1

Death Metal Shots by Stephin #2

The romance continues.

Are you worried about what poor vegan Stephin had to eat?

Oh, he had a vegan pretend hot dog with mustard so hot it made him cry.

David, train station.

Hootie! You’re selling books now!

Death Metal Shots by Stephin #3

The Good Reverend Merritt

Oh hi, these are my cats. They say hello.

Stephin seems to have stumbled upon a treasure trove of P.G. Wodehouse.

Pantone mugs also make nice presents.

Eve and some tall Norwegians.

1. I speak Norwegian, because that says Store Kiosk. 2. I want to win 35 million in the Viking lotto!

Stone cold chillin’.

Where are they next? Who can keep track? Germany? The Netherlands? Stay tuned to find out!





Spain Looks Delicious

Our friends are now in Spain. I think they’re drinking lots of Rioja, because some of these pictures are a little bit wacky, and others are downright terrifying. (Note: we are pro-Rioja.)

This is so gorgeous. Alas, poor Shirley has gone the way of the dodo. El dodo.

Stephin, push-pop of some sort, tree.

Somehow, everywhere the band goes seems straight out of a science fiction novel.

Better than staring at a brick wall.

The band played a festival in Murcia (not on this stage, but at a nearby concert hall). Here, David shows John the ropes.

And the award of Scariest Picture Ever hereby goes to Shirley!

Complicated hotel literature.

Thankfully, Eve escaped from that Giant Baby Head.

Scene from a train window, care of Stephin.

Sometimes you eat lunch, but sometimes, lunch eats you.

We approve of this man’s t-shirt.

Super cool shades on some super cool ladies.

When no one is looking, sometimes the cello likes to swim laps.

Shirley would like to point out that David is wearing flip-flops. I would be too, David. Don’t let her shame you.

Another photo care of Shirley, this time to taunt me about all the delicious things I could be eating. I’ll take one of everything.

If I had to guess, it would be that they’d all turned into werewolves.

Seems fairly likely.

No, maybe it was just the moon. This lovely lady (second from left) recognized Sam and led him to her uncle’s tapas restaurant. Spain! You amaze me. As does that guy’s biking ensemble.

Finally, here’s a little gem from sound check in Manchester. Sam filmed a little movie while David was testing the sound system with a little Tom Petty.

Next stop, Oslo!

Yours, long distance,


This week, the band played shows in Lisbon and Porto–they also seem to have eaten a lot of tapas. More pictures of cheese, guys! I want to see the cheese.

Claudia, Shirley, reflection.

Stephin had some phone interviews.

Sam, hair, lobby.

A local delicacy–baked apple, as eaten by Stephin Merritt.

Seems like a good reason to me.

Stephin’s hotel room happened to be on the very corner of the universe.

Sleepy Eve, with Beatles bear.


I am so into these pigtails, it’s crazy.

Band on the run.

JT, walkie-talkie.

This is the factory where cellists come from. There’s a Sam inside each of these cases.

I think this is Porto, but I KNOW it’s cute.

This is one wild venue.

Maybe we should all have animal-print walls.

Claudia and Shirley had their own dressing room. Fan-cy!

May Day protests. I think they were also protesting the lack of an adorable merch team.

Portugal seems like a hard place to be a vegan.

But so lovely!

Now that would be quite a double bill.

Banned from playing anything off of Distortion and/or Realism. Ah well.

Next stop, Spain! More tapas! More photographs of food, por favor.


P.S. This is how we’re doing here at home.