Vancouver: Land of Ferries and Ramen

We spent all day in the air, flying from Austin to Vancouver, and so when we arrived, everyone was famished. What we’d forgotten was that it was St. Patrick’s day, a holiday were public drunkeness is de rigeur and shamrocks easily mark those who one should avoid. Unfortunately, our hotel sat on top of an Irish pub. This scene awaited us.

Usually, Mike and I do research on the neighborhoods near the hotels and venues, but this time we didn’t do any, lazy things that we are, and so we had to rely on a cheesy tourist magazine in the hotel lobby.

Luckily, the magazine steered us right to Guu.

They weren’t lying.

Vegetables! We hadn’t seen you in ages. Pay no attention to the fried chicken (not pictured) or all the various kinds of delicious mayo. We are on a Health Kick™.

Jason is on the Extra Health Kick™, as you can see by his super sized beer. After dinner, the boys headed out to drink some Irish car bombs. Mike and I went to sleep.

All the better to get up early for brunch! Mirelle Enos was there, too. She is the only person I can think of who died-by-braid on television.

Then we walked over the bridge to Granville Island. These are the cutest cement mixers I’ve ever seen.

We took the Aquabus back. How could we resist? Speaking of boats, Stephin found a floating house to buy. 

Ukulele, soundcheck.

This is what the recycling looks like the day after St. Patrick’s Day.

The Vogue was lovely–velvet seats, gorgeous wallpaper, underground passageways. Also, the staff helped us eat all the chockies delivered by fans.

Chockies: Exhibit A. Extra points for candy not often found in the USA.

These fans brought roses. They weren’t made out of chocolate–we checked.

We loved these boys. One came dressed as a mermaid AND brought chocolates. Double whammy of awesomeness.

During the show.

Laura and Ajay opened for the band on the last tour. Lovely to see them again.

I have a face, I swear.

One last bowl of ramen, then back to the airport.

Look, trees.

And just like that, we’re headed back to the USA. Seattle, here we come!

M + E


2 thoughts on “Vancouver: Land of Ferries and Ramen

  1. Oh hello there! Lovely set of pictures you have here, and I really hope you had as much fun here as we had when we stopped by.

    I’m sure there’s much more to say but I really am blanking. Thanks again for the chocolate and the kind words! Most fun I’ve ever had at a merch table, that’s for sure.

    We wish you well on the rest of your journeys, really!

    -Josh and Emily (The two with twenty minutes to spare.)

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