Tour Photos Galore

Hello all!

We’ve just come back from the last little leg of the Tour at the Bottom of the Sea. The following photos are a bit of a hodge podge, from Hudson to DC and everywhere in between. We had a delightful time, as always. Highlights below.

Stephin sang some songs in a silver room at the Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh.

Stephin, still at the Warhol.

On the road again.

Soundcheck, Carnegie Lecture Hall.

A fan in a super awesome homemade t-shirt.

Badass load-out, Pittsburgh.


Woo, pudding. Somewhere in the suburbs of Detroit.

Mike works hard at the booth in Pontiac.


Claudia, clouds.

Sam, shredding.

Cold chilling.


Ben Harrison of the Warhol, a total sweetie pie.

Claudia, Mike, dinosaurs.

This photo comes pre-captioned.

Sometimes the lobby parties are too well-lit.

Sixth and I Synagogue, on the other hand, had great lighting.

And then we went to the Smithsonian National Zoo. Meet out new friend, the giant anteater.

John Hamm. Get it? He’s named John, and he’s a ham.

Sam is more of an understated ham.

Some light reading.

Sixth and I soundcheck.

Meet Max, our favorite Duck.

We always eat breakfast like this on tour.

From Helsinki Hudson, one of our favorite spots.

Whew! It was a wonderful week, for me especially. Not many merch girls get to be the opening act. It’s always a pleasure! A few more photos to come, mostly likely, as they trickle in.




















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