We are Emma Straub and Michael Fusco, your friendly merch team for The Magnetic Fields. We’ve worked for the band in various capacities since 2002. We design everything, hand-print the posters, and smile at you when you walk in the door. You can find previous tour blogs here and here. Below is a short film by John Woo (Banjoneering Hero) showing us in action. When you come to the shows, say hello!


3 thoughts on “About

  1. You are the dream team of merch booth management! I was expecting a little more action from a John Woo film and it was more a talker than a rocker but can’t wait to catch you all out in Southern California. Kudos!

  2. When you two are in Portland check out Po’ Shines for some awesome southern style breakfast, or if you want Vietnamese Pho Van on Hawthorne is tasty. I look forward to seeing you guys on Wednesday!

  3. Hi Mike and Emma! I went to the Magnetic Fields show in Toronto in on March 30th, LOVED it! Best show of my life. Went with my mom, both of us left with some vinyls and the (fantastic) Strange Powers film. I adore checking in on this blog and seeing all the new pics of the tour, you guys are all so charming and funny! Love seeing pics of all the fine dining and even of restroom stalls, referencing Realism and Distortion, gets me every time. I suppose it’s a blessing you haven’t seen any restroom stalls that reference the i album, eh? Or am I wrong…
    Earlier this month I recorded a couple MF covers in a Toronto train station shelter with an old ukulele I recently purchased, in homage to this phenomenal group. Thank you Stephin for the wonderful music, it’s changed my life (and my mother’s) in so many ways. I dedicate these videos to the band, and all the splendid folks by their side 🙂

    I Don’t Really Love You Anymore

    The Sun Goes Down and the World Goes Dancing

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