Tour Photos Galore

Hello all!

We’ve just come back from the last little leg of the Tour at the Bottom of the Sea. The following photos are a bit of a hodge podge, from Hudson to DC and everywhere in between. We had a delightful time, as always. Highlights below.

Stephin sang some songs in a silver room at the Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh.

Stephin, still at the Warhol.

On the road again.

Soundcheck, Carnegie Lecture Hall.

A fan in a super awesome homemade t-shirt.

Badass load-out, Pittsburgh.


Woo, pudding. Somewhere in the suburbs of Detroit.

Mike works hard at the booth in Pontiac.


Claudia, clouds.

Sam, shredding.

Cold chilling.


Ben Harrison of the Warhol, a total sweetie pie.

Claudia, Mike, dinosaurs.

This photo comes pre-captioned.

Sometimes the lobby parties are too well-lit.

Sixth and I Synagogue, on the other hand, had great lighting.

And then we went to the Smithsonian National Zoo. Meet out new friend, the giant anteater.

John Hamm. Get it? He’s named John, and he’s a ham.

Sam is more of an understated ham.

Some light reading.

Sixth and I soundcheck.

Meet Max, our favorite Duck.

We always eat breakfast like this on tour.

From Helsinki Hudson, one of our favorite spots.

Whew! It was a wonderful week, for me especially. Not many merch girls get to be the opening act. It’s always a pleasure! A few more photos to come, mostly likely, as they trickle in.




















TMF in the UK

While Mike and I are at home with our cats and regular work, the band has just arrived in Europe. They’re all sending us missives from the road, which we will dutifully pass along to you.

Proof that David and Sam both made it to England.

The view from Stephin’s hotel room. That is a stucco wall across an enclosed hallway. Stephin says, “This would not be up to code in my hemisphere.”

Also from the Stephin cam: Sam’s hair devouring some trees.

John and a public art installation? A giant lightbulb? A robot that is going to eat his brain?

Claudia had some excellent reading for the van ride.

I’m sorry, team, but this is not a salad I would like to eat.

The looks on their faces are the only gifts I need.

Wishing me a happy birthday actually killed Stephin, the poor thing.

Eve’s first soundcheck.

After the show in Brighton, the gang gathered in the hotel lobby for a post-show hang. Did I mention that the band is staying inside a chocolate bar while in the UK?

Hope the show is great tonight, gang!




Day Off: NYC

Today was our first day off since Austin, and boy, did we need it.

Claudia caught up on some work for the European leg of the tour.

Eve sat on the couch and ate some strawberries.

John claims to have eaten two pints of strawberries (it’s an epidemic!), got his hair cut, did his laundry, and then lazed about under this tree in Prospect Park.

Sam was back with the other ducklings in Boston.

YMike was back at work! He showed his students our tour blog. I hope that the volume was turned off on the 2nd computer in, which displays ‘Hookers and Blow.’ It’s a Catholic school, and I don’t want to get anyone into trouble.

Mike spent the day organizing the merch for the Beacon.

Meanwhile, I took the subway up to the Bronx and did a reading at the lovely Manhattan College. ‘Major Author’ might be a stretch, but hey, I’m working on it.

Stephin had a cheeseless pizza and some tea at Otto. He also found my dream house. 

Jason found a new bro to hang with.

And Shirley got a new toy.

We’ll see you tomorrow at the Beacon, NYC!


Toronto: Customs of the Country

We arrived in Toronto late at night, after a very long travel day. Stephin beat all of us to the baggage claim, and arranged our suitcases in size order.

Eve at breakfast the next day, wearing Shirley’s glasses.

Montreal bagel, melted cheese, fried eggs, hash browns. Needless to say, delicious.

When we got to the venue, Mike was delighted to see two posters he designed for the Broken Social Scene hanging on the wall.

This is where the Sound Academy is, at the end of a pier. The bodies are buried nearby, obviously. So are the Go-Karts.

Time for dinner. We took a taxi to Xe Lua, our have spot. (Shout out to our homeboys Dan Bora and Jon Natchez.)


For those of you who are just tuning in, this blog used to be 90% pictures of our food, so we’re just making up for lost time.

Stairway to Woo.

The show. The Sound Academy has a special lounge on the 2nd floor with white leather couches and some risers and this view. Not too shabby.

Toronto had excellent sea creatures.

From the Shirley cam: “Smile! No One Cares If You Go To The Dentist!”

Next stop, Montreal. Accepting all Poutine recommendations now.

M + E

Chicago, Day One: Triangle Ecstasy

Welcome to Chicago! It’s two hours later here. Reset your clocks accordingly.

Our hotel is right on the lake, and as my mother likes to remind me, having grown up in Milwaukee, it’s cooler by the lake. And so it is. The hotel opened two weeks ago, and they’re still sorting out things like HEAT and HOT WATER, but they have some things excellently figured out, like the restaurant downstairs.

Shirley is very excitable. On her right is Julia, Eve’s wonderful nanny. We ❤ Julia.

One should always invite the duck to dinner.

I am taller than Stephin, but not quite as much as this picture suggests. I do however quite enjoy wine, so this picture is not a total fallacy.

The next day, we did exciting things like laundry! And sleeping late! And walking on the astonishing beach a few moments from our door.

Sadly, this is about the extent of my yoga on this trip.

The public art/weird stuff in Chicago beats the public art/weird stuff in LA by a mile.

Your Daily Eve! The hotel lobby is full of Eve-sized pieces of furniture to climb on, and she’s having a grand old time.

It’s always nice to see some old shirts back at the merch booth. These two said they’d bring their juggling pins to tonight’s show–I’ll report back.

The stage, as seen from behind.

The Vic Theater is a nice place, but there’s only one venue in Chicago for me. (Note: this blog does not express the feelings of the band. I am only speaking for myself. Also, I like presents, and can be easily bought, just for future reference.)

Shirley sent over this photo, with the subject line ‘Write Your Own Caption.’ I invite you to do the same. Mike suggests ‘The Rats in the Garbage of the Western World.’

It’s not my fault I married a demon.

After the show, we took our 2nd biannual trip to the Wiener Circle, courtesy of Erik Selz. This time, the place was empty when we arrived, and so the verbal abuse was almost entirely absent. Sam (who, for the record, is a vegetarian) had his cello on his back, and when the women behind the counter asked him what it was, he busted out an impromptu show:

Mike, both alarmed and excited by his meal.

Erik swears that his last visit was with us, two years ago, but come on–look at that grin. He’s a regular. Don’t fight the Wiener, Selz.

Stephin’s found three houses for you to buy thus far, but I’ll save some for tomorrow. Here’s the first one. 

We love spending more than one night in a city, so expect more Chicago tomorrow! Also, if you’d like to read more words about hear more juicy secrets about our trip to SXSW, my first word-centric blog about the tour is now up on The Paris Review. Have at it!

love and hot dogs,

M + E