Dublin + Cork Are Both Very Green

Ireland seems to be treating the band well–they’ve sent dozens of photos in the last two days. Here are the best shots, as judged by moi.

Hard at work, signing some merch.

This is what the typical Magnetic Fields fan looks like.

David, cobblestones, Sam.

Soundcheck at the Olympia.

Stephin, balconies.

Ireland is healing.

Lunch, according to Stephin.

Lots of famous acts have played at the Olympia. Apparently there were lots of pictures of some guy named Bono.

This is what the locals do to their cellos.


Led Zep on the tarmac.

David Hughes on the tarmac. Bellbottoms not pictured.

Your Daily Eve, this time in pigtails.


Still green.

Cork looks very cute from my sofa in Brooklyn.

Logo in chalk, Stephin.

Sam, Stephin, logo in chalk.

David, Sam, Stephin, logo in chalk.

Shirley, David, Sam, Stephin, logo in chalk. Picture John standing behind Shirley and you’ve got the whole conga line.

Next stop, Portugal!


M + E



London + Manchester, Ahoy!

Our friends have been busy playing music sending us photos, so this is a biggie. I must say, they seem to be having a jolly old time indeed.

Stephin found these chaps at the Guardian.

Stephin with an enthusiastic Marc Riley.

Fancy spaceship seating at the Royal Festival Hall.

Eve, checking out the boys.

That’s me on the left and Mike on the right. We’re wearing our other faces.

These ‘Your Girlfriend’s Face’ cupcakes win the baking contest, by a shotgun and a mile.

This couldn’t be more British if it tried.

Stephin’s atmospheric take on the M6.

Stephin (and his hotel room) doing some color-blocking.

The ghost of albums past.

You know what they have in the UK? Humidity. You know what Shirley will do to avoid the frizz that humidity brings? See above.

Eve likes trains.

The show in Manchester came with some props.

You do not want to meet Blurry Pickaxe Stephin in a dark alley.

David’s new motto.

Sam Davol, King of the Flight Cases

I worked really hard on that song.

As Shirley wisely said, if they’d had Jason, they wouldn’t have broken up.


Claudia, yellow submarine.

Next stop, Dublin! Guys, I expect at least one picture of fish and chips in some newspaper, okay? Okay.

Yours, from NYC,

M + E



TMF in the UK

While Mike and I are at home with our cats and regular work, the band has just arrived in Europe. They’re all sending us missives from the road, which we will dutifully pass along to you.

Proof that David and Sam both made it to England.

The view from Stephin’s hotel room. That is a stucco wall across an enclosed hallway. Stephin says, “This would not be up to code in my hemisphere.”

Also from the Stephin cam: Sam’s hair devouring some trees.

John and a public art installation? A giant lightbulb? A robot that is going to eat his brain?

Claudia had some excellent reading for the van ride.

I’m sorry, team, but this is not a salad I would like to eat.

The looks on their faces are the only gifts I need.

Wishing me a happy birthday actually killed Stephin, the poor thing.

Eve’s first soundcheck.

After the show in Brighton, the gang gathered in the hotel lobby for a post-show hang. Did I mention that the band is staying inside a chocolate bar while in the UK?

Hope the show is great tonight, gang!




Atlanta: Everybody Off the Train

Mike and I drove to Atlanta, beating the band by minutes. Even in my exhausted state, I could still appreciate a nicely wallpapered bathroom.

That night, Shirley found us a Korean taco place a few blocks away. We even coaxed the Devotchkies into joining us. Not pictured: Shirley’s kamikaze shots, our very impressive bill that split our shared appetizers onto ten separate bills. Way to go, Takorea!

The next morning, Shirley and Stephin went on a shopping spree. Here are their top four exciting finds.

Find #1: a LatBotS-themed prezzie for me!

Find #2: A LatBotS-themed ring for Shirl!

Find #3: Mary Mac’s Cinnamon Rolls!

Find #4: A Cub Scouts Den Leader outfit. There is nothing more perfect in the world.

The Variety Playhouse.

Soundcheck at the Variety Playhouse. Sam eventually moved onto the stage.

Rock n roll.

Smiling Claudia.

Your Daily Eve, via the iPhone. We miss the little one.

John Woo took this photo. Stephin likes his earplugs. I don’t know if I would have gotten so close.

We didn’t have much merch left to sell, so there was a lot of this. We left during soundcheck to explore Little Five Points. We had a fabulous dinner at the Porter Beer Bar, and I may or may not have bought a few dresses at Stefan’s incredible vintage emporium. (Spoiler alert: I did.)

Showtime! Atlanta had some good fans, and loyal blogreaders.

This is neither owl nor sea-themed, but goddamn, it’s a tiny teacup! On her ring! I love it.

This is Aimi. She brought amazing donuts, a copy of my book, a picture book for Eve, and these presents for Stephin (see below.)

They look so happy together.

Before I forget, here’s a John Woo picture of Stephin looking like Fidel Castro.

And here’s a picture of John looking like a guitar player.

Owl fan #1

Owl fan #2. She gets quadruple blog points for making it permanent.

Speaking of quadruple blog points, I would hereby like to announce that I won my first game of Words With Friends. In this case, the Friend is my mother. It still counts.

Devotchka, adoring fans.

Snazzy green lights.

And just like that, it was all over. (Note: that is beer. John did not pee on the floor. That would have been a very different ending, for a very different sort of band.)

Are  you hearing Mary J. Blige’s ‘Real Love’ in your head right now? I am.

From left to right: David (sound), Sam, moi, Mike, Tom, Shirley, Stephin, Nick, John, Claudia, Shawn, Jason. Not pictured: Y-Mike, Julia, Eve. We all had a delightful time. The end of tour is always like the end of summer camp, with people’s parents coming to whisk them away before you really get a chance to say goodbye.

Or, you know, before you get a chance to hail a cab to a gay bar in your cub scout uniform. Also, Stephin’s last US real estate pick for you is what he describes as “the worst thing ever.” The building is directly across the street from the Variety Playhouse. Stephin said he liked the idea of the porn ending unhappily. I think that means he’ll miss his part-time job as a real estate scout, don’t you?

This morning, we got up early and hit the road. We stopped somewhere in North Carolina for buckets of sweet tea.

When I have my own band, it’ll be called Laser Tag. This is the cover of my first record, Extreme Laser Tag.

And then, after several thwarted attempts earlier in the tour, we finally made it to the movie. We saw 21 Jump Street, which Mike liked more than I did, but we both agreed that Channing Tatum can do whatever he wants, forever.

Tomorrow we’ll drive the rest of the way home, and start compiling out facts and figures for you. Stay tuned!

love and popcorn,

Day Two, Chapel Hill: Seriously, Quit It Already, We’re Already Yours Forever

It was another glorious day in Chapel Hill, and after having lunch with some friends, Mike and I made a trip to Flyleaf Books. This is what happened when we walked in the door.

That’s Land. In his right hand in the vinyl box set of 69 Love Songs, which you may recognize, and in his left hand is the advanced reader’s copy of my novel, which comes out in September. When we walked in the door, he said, “We were just talking about you.” I mean, come on, just shoot me already, because this is what heaven looks like, I’m pretty sure.

Heaven also included a fifteen minute Supermarket Sweep-like trip to the Clothing Warehouse, where I bought this dress for $10. Then we had an early dinner with John and Sam at the Weaver Street Market. It was sunny there.

This picture was taken right before Mike was murdered by a creepy drifter  joined by a wandering cellist.

Conveniently located.

Meanwhile, the rest of the band joined the Merge staff for dinner at Lantern. Charlotte is currently beating me at Words with Friends. What else is new.

Ice cream is good.

Here the creepy drifter  wandering cellist looks sort of like Christian Slater, don’t you think? Photo credit John Woo, sunlight credit North Carolina.

Another John Woo special. Reflection courtesy Cat’s Cradle.

This nice lady brought us salt with a whale on it.


Starfish. This lady would get double blog points if that was a Distortion-era t-shirt, but I didn’t think to ask. Ah well.

These shoes WIN.

Bill makes all our t-shirts AND brought us more tote-bags AND made macaroons. I mean, come on. What are you trying to do to us?

Jay from Merge, hypnotized.

Jay’s Crunkleton membership card. How not one of us got one of these is a mystery for the ages. Gary, if you’re reading, please hook us up.

You know who else we love? Devotchka. Even though Shawn is beating me at Words with Friends. Yes, I notice a pattern here.

Shawn may beat me, but you know who beats Shawn? Stephin. It’s your basic food chain.

Tom came out and did ‘Love is Like Jazz’ with the band. So improv-y, guys.

And just like that, we had to go. Apparently this is a world-famous peachy butt. I had no idea.

Mike arrived in style.

In the other car, headed to the airport, poor John had to ride like this. We beat them to Atlanta anyway.

Okay, ATL. Let’s see what you got. Last stop on the US tour!


Day One, Chapel Hill: We’re All Moving to the Crunkleton

We drove with Shirley and Claudia from DC, and arrived in gorgeous and green Chapel Hill. Before we even checked into the hotel, Stephin found a converted frathouse for us to buy. That night, we had dinner at Latern, and then strolled through town.

We found some ice cream. This picture really says “We’ve been traveling for six weeks and have no idea what day/time it is.”

Then we sat in the lobby and I learned how to play the piano. Not really. Luckily, Sam knows how to play.

The next day, we took a field trip to Merge.

Christina, the sweetie, gave us some chocolate-covered snacks. Later that day, she also emailed us this house to buy, just in case. We were sold.

Mike was in heaven. Forgive me if this is too revealing, but Christina gave us some Merge t-shirts, and when I put mine on to go to bed last night, Mike (my husband of almost four years, and partner of almost ten) said, “You just turned into my dream girl.” Thank you?

Mike = Destroyer = M. Ward

Lunch at Scratch Bakery, around the corner from the Merge office. Look, we ate green stuff!

This is an actual wall at the Cat’s Cradle.

The outside view.

Claudia at soundcheck.

Mac, trying to remember the words to a song he first sang approximately 17 years ago.

Lo and behold, Mac came out and sang ‘Dream Hat.’ We heart Merge.

Owl fan #1

Owl fan #2

Taylor from Merge. He helps us with all of our merch orders. Hooray for Taylor!

NC had very cute hair accessories.

See? This woman also brought blue gum balls in a sea-creature-themed bottle. Double blog points.

We have no problem promoting other bands.

After the show, we went across the street to the greatest bar in the history of the world, The Crunkleton. Meet Gary Crunkleton, our new boyfriend. Please excuse his attire–Mr. Crunkleton assured us that he usually wears a 3.5″ bow tie. There were pictures at the end of the bar that corroborated this claim.

JT had a mezcal flight.

Sam, enamored.

We were the only people at the bar, and Gary took excellent care of us. At one point, he wandered down to the end of the bar and looked Stephin up on Wikipedia. Then I showed him the ‘Andrew in Drag’ video, and this blog, of course. I think he liked us as much as we liked him. Is this what love feels like? It is.

Chapel Hill, we may never leave. I’m warning you.