Berlin, Hamburg, Amsterdam, The End

Tonight was the band’s last show of the tour. The last one! It’s been 3.5 weeks in Europe, and 6 weeks in the US before that, so I’m sure they’re all ready to come home and go grocery shopping like normal humans.

But first, allow me to present their last few days on the road.

There is a lot of beer in Germany.

Also, food to go with the beer.

Not sure what this liquid is, but I don’t think it’s wheatgrass.

Stephin sent this with the caption ‘Werner Herzog’s House.’

Also, it’s 1975 in Germany.


Stairway to Hamburg.

Gear, church.

Woo, tonight.

Party in the hohle.

German train station where John accidentally got abandoned for a few hours.

Swan, boats, Hamburg.

Fried things, some of which appear to be wrapped around other fried things.

Waiting on a train.

Vaginal Davis and Irving the Donkey

The scale of this is very confusing to me.

Everyone else looks fairly alert, but poor Jason appears to be 3/4 asleep. To quote Elisabeth Shue, it ain’t easy babysittin’ these guys.

The band seems to have played a show at this venue inside Audrey II’s stomach.

Rather, at an abandoned roller rink.

Almost time to come home.


Pramsterdam. (These captions by Shirley.)

Iamsterdam. (Caption care of Sam and/or the rainbow, not sure who sent the email.)

Jamsterdam. (Shirley again.)

I asked for pictures of weed, but all they sent were pretty pictures of boats and canals. Jeez.

One more load-in.

The boss. One more show, and he’s halfway onto the Gypsy Fade.

The final TMF team photo at De Duif, Amsterdam, with Alasdair and Lupe of Amor de Días.

And just like that, they’re on their way home. See you next time, friends.

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Love and safe trips home to my friends,