This week, the band played shows in Lisbon and Porto–they also seem to have eaten a lot of tapas. More pictures of cheese, guys! I want to see the cheese.

Claudia, Shirley, reflection.

Stephin had some phone interviews.

Sam, hair, lobby.

A local delicacy–baked apple, as eaten by Stephin Merritt.

Seems like a good reason to me.

Stephin’s hotel room happened to be on the very corner of the universe.

Sleepy Eve, with Beatles bear.


I am so into these pigtails, it’s crazy.

Band on the run.

JT, walkie-talkie.

This is the factory where cellists come from. There’s a Sam inside each of these cases.

I think this is Porto, but I KNOW it’s cute.

This is one wild venue.

Maybe we should all have animal-print walls.

Claudia and Shirley had their own dressing room. Fan-cy!

May Day protests. I think they were also protesting the lack of an adorable merch team.

Portugal seems like a hard place to be a vegan.

But so lovely!

Now that would be quite a double bill.

Banned from playing anything off of Distortion and/or Realism. Ah well.

Next stop, Spain! More tapas! More photographs of food, por favor.


P.S. This is how we’re doing here at home.