Scandinavia Is Rainy and Full of Design Objects

Hello! This post will contain pictures of Oslo, Gothenburg, the Helsinki airport, and probably one to two stray other cities and countries. I wasn’t there, and so I have a hard time keeping track. Please forgive my extreme ignorance in advance. The band is still as adorable as ever, and does it really matter where they are? They are in your hearts, always.

Claudia reports that everything is mustard-colored in Scandinavia.

I’m just saying, I better get a present for updating the blog from home. From a place that starts with an ‘M,’ ends with an ‘o,’ and is pictured above. Hint.

Eve seems to be digging John’s vibe, as they say.

This is actually a still from the follow-up to Strange Powers, Fun at Airports with the Magnetic Fields. It’s a short film.

Photo care of Stephin, obviously. Subject line: soft serve.

Sam is soooo non conveyable.

Oslo, you scary.

Death Metal Shots by Stephin #1

Death Metal Shots by Stephin #2

The romance continues.

Are you worried about what poor vegan Stephin had to eat?

Oh, he had a vegan pretend hot dog with mustard so hot it made him cry.

David, train station.

Hootie! You’re selling books now!

Death Metal Shots by Stephin #3

The Good Reverend Merritt

Oh hi, these are my cats. They say hello.

Stephin seems to have stumbled upon a treasure trove of P.G. Wodehouse.

Pantone mugs also make nice presents.

Eve and some tall Norwegians.

1. I speak Norwegian, because that says Store Kiosk. 2. I want to win 35 million in the Viking lotto!

Stone cold chillin’.

Where are they next? Who can keep track? Germany? The Netherlands? Stay tuned to find out!