Spain Looks Delicious

Our friends are now in Spain. I think they’re drinking lots of Rioja, because some of these pictures are a little bit wacky, and others are downright terrifying. (Note: we are pro-Rioja.)

This is so gorgeous. Alas, poor Shirley has gone the way of the dodo. El dodo.

Stephin, push-pop of some sort, tree.

Somehow, everywhere the band goes seems straight out of a science fiction novel.

Better than staring at a brick wall.

The band played a festival in Murcia (not on this stage, but at a nearby concert hall). Here, David shows John the ropes.

And the award of Scariest Picture Ever hereby goes to Shirley!

Complicated hotel literature.

Thankfully, Eve escaped from that Giant Baby Head.

Scene from a train window, care of Stephin.

Sometimes you eat lunch, but sometimes, lunch eats you.

We approve of this man’s t-shirt.

Super cool shades on some super cool ladies.

When no one is looking, sometimes the cello likes to swim laps.

Shirley would like to point out that David is wearing flip-flops. I would be too, David. Don’t let her shame you.

Another photo care of Shirley, this time to taunt me about all the delicious things I could be eating. I’ll take one of everything.

If I had to guess, it would be that they’d all turned into werewolves.

Seems fairly likely.

No, maybe it was just the moon. This lovely lady (second from left) recognized Sam and led him to her uncle’s tapas restaurant. Spain! You amaze me. As does that guy’s biking ensemble.

Finally, here’s a little gem from sound check in Manchester. Sam filmed a little movie while David was testing the sound system with a little Tom Petty.

Next stop, Oslo!

Yours, long distance,



This week, the band played shows in Lisbon and Porto–they also seem to have eaten a lot of tapas. More pictures of cheese, guys! I want to see the cheese.

Claudia, Shirley, reflection.

Stephin had some phone interviews.

Sam, hair, lobby.

A local delicacy–baked apple, as eaten by Stephin Merritt.

Seems like a good reason to me.

Stephin’s hotel room happened to be on the very corner of the universe.

Sleepy Eve, with Beatles bear.


I am so into these pigtails, it’s crazy.

Band on the run.

JT, walkie-talkie.

This is the factory where cellists come from. There’s a Sam inside each of these cases.

I think this is Porto, but I KNOW it’s cute.

This is one wild venue.

Maybe we should all have animal-print walls.

Claudia and Shirley had their own dressing room. Fan-cy!

May Day protests. I think they were also protesting the lack of an adorable merch team.

Portugal seems like a hard place to be a vegan.

But so lovely!

Now that would be quite a double bill.

Banned from playing anything off of Distortion and/or Realism. Ah well.

Next stop, Spain! More tapas! More photographs of food, por favor.


P.S. This is how we’re doing here at home.