Tour Photos Galore

Hello all!

We’ve just come back from the last little leg of the Tour at the Bottom of the Sea. The following photos are a bit of a hodge podge, from Hudson to DC and everywhere in between. We had a delightful time, as always. Highlights below.

Stephin sang some songs in a silver room at the Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh.

Stephin, still at the Warhol.

On the road again.

Soundcheck, Carnegie Lecture Hall.

A fan in a super awesome homemade t-shirt.

Badass load-out, Pittsburgh.


Woo, pudding. Somewhere in the suburbs of Detroit.

Mike works hard at the booth in Pontiac.


Claudia, clouds.

Sam, shredding.

Cold chilling.


Ben Harrison of the Warhol, a total sweetie pie.

Claudia, Mike, dinosaurs.

This photo comes pre-captioned.

Sometimes the lobby parties are too well-lit.

Sixth and I Synagogue, on the other hand, had great lighting.

And then we went to the Smithsonian National Zoo. Meet out new friend, the giant anteater.

John Hamm. Get it? He’s named John, and he’s a ham.

Sam is more of an understated ham.

Some light reading.

Sixth and I soundcheck.

Meet Max, our favorite Duck.

We always eat breakfast like this on tour.

From Helsinki Hudson, one of our favorite spots.

Whew! It was a wonderful week, for me especially. Not many merch girls get to be the opening act. It’s always a pleasure! A few more photos to come, mostly likely, as they trickle in.




















Berlin, Hamburg, Amsterdam, The End

Tonight was the band’s last show of the tour. The last one! It’s been 3.5 weeks in Europe, and 6 weeks in the US before that, so I’m sure they’re all ready to come home and go grocery shopping like normal humans.

But first, allow me to present their last few days on the road.

There is a lot of beer in Germany.

Also, food to go with the beer.

Not sure what this liquid is, but I don’t think it’s wheatgrass.

Stephin sent this with the caption ‘Werner Herzog’s House.’

Also, it’s 1975 in Germany.


Stairway to Hamburg.

Gear, church.

Woo, tonight.

Party in the hohle.

German train station where John accidentally got abandoned for a few hours.

Swan, boats, Hamburg.

Fried things, some of which appear to be wrapped around other fried things.

Waiting on a train.

Vaginal Davis and Irving the Donkey

The scale of this is very confusing to me.

Everyone else looks fairly alert, but poor Jason appears to be 3/4 asleep. To quote Elisabeth Shue, it ain’t easy babysittin’ these guys.

The band seems to have played a show at this venue inside Audrey II’s stomach.

Rather, at an abandoned roller rink.

Almost time to come home.


Pramsterdam. (These captions by Shirley.)

Iamsterdam. (Caption care of Sam and/or the rainbow, not sure who sent the email.)

Jamsterdam. (Shirley again.)

I asked for pictures of weed, but all they sent were pretty pictures of boats and canals. Jeez.

One more load-in.

The boss. One more show, and he’s halfway onto the Gypsy Fade.

The final TMF team photo at De Duif, Amsterdam, with Alasdair and Lupe of Amor de Días.

And just like that, they’re on their way home. See you next time, friends.

We’ll be setting up an online store for new and old merch, so stay tuned for that. You can always find us on Twitter @themagfields, and on Facebook, and via the newsletter on the House of Tomorrow.

Love and safe trips home to my friends,

Sweden, Norway, Owls, Snacks

Hello and welcome back to my shoddy coverage of the Magnetic Fields’ European Jaunt! The band only has a few days left, and from the looks of these pictures, things are getting wackier and wackier.

Maybe on the next tour, they’ll spring for hotels with furniture.

Cheery scenery, care of Stephin. Now I understand why there are so many Swedish comedians.

Certain things need no translation.

Shirley found Jesus. Or maybe it was the other way around?

Now that’s pretty. You know, if I’d gone with them, I would have made damn sure to find these cheekbones. 

Hot tubbin’.


The sky is as blue as Alexander Skarsgard’s eyes. 

As Shirley says, only in Sweden does it rain even when the sun is shining.

Of course, Skarsgard is not the only vampire in town.

Even if I hadn’t just seen ‘The Cabin in the Woods,’ I would still know that this was a place murderers liked to hang out. DON’T GO IN THE BASEMENT, GUYS. (Spoiler alert: they’re already in Germany, so you don’t have to worry.)

This was in the lobby, for free. Goddamn you, Sweden! Every time I was just glad to be home and away from the creepy murderers, you reel me back in.

How do you say owl in Swedish? Or Norwegian? I’ll accept both.

On the move.

Waiting for Godot. To Godot to stage, that is.

Flowers on our dining room table, just because,

Next stop, Germany!



Atlanta: Everybody Off the Train

Mike and I drove to Atlanta, beating the band by minutes. Even in my exhausted state, I could still appreciate a nicely wallpapered bathroom.

That night, Shirley found us a Korean taco place a few blocks away. We even coaxed the Devotchkies into joining us. Not pictured: Shirley’s kamikaze shots, our very impressive bill that split our shared appetizers onto ten separate bills. Way to go, Takorea!

The next morning, Shirley and Stephin went on a shopping spree. Here are their top four exciting finds.

Find #1: a LatBotS-themed prezzie for me!

Find #2: A LatBotS-themed ring for Shirl!

Find #3: Mary Mac’s Cinnamon Rolls!

Find #4: A Cub Scouts Den Leader outfit. There is nothing more perfect in the world.

The Variety Playhouse.

Soundcheck at the Variety Playhouse. Sam eventually moved onto the stage.

Rock n roll.

Smiling Claudia.

Your Daily Eve, via the iPhone. We miss the little one.

John Woo took this photo. Stephin likes his earplugs. I don’t know if I would have gotten so close.

We didn’t have much merch left to sell, so there was a lot of this. We left during soundcheck to explore Little Five Points. We had a fabulous dinner at the Porter Beer Bar, and I may or may not have bought a few dresses at Stefan’s incredible vintage emporium. (Spoiler alert: I did.)

Showtime! Atlanta had some good fans, and loyal blogreaders.

This is neither owl nor sea-themed, but goddamn, it’s a tiny teacup! On her ring! I love it.

This is Aimi. She brought amazing donuts, a copy of my book, a picture book for Eve, and these presents for Stephin (see below.)

They look so happy together.

Before I forget, here’s a John Woo picture of Stephin looking like Fidel Castro.

And here’s a picture of John looking like a guitar player.

Owl fan #1

Owl fan #2. She gets quadruple blog points for making it permanent.

Speaking of quadruple blog points, I would hereby like to announce that I won my first game of Words With Friends. In this case, the Friend is my mother. It still counts.

Devotchka, adoring fans.

Snazzy green lights.

And just like that, it was all over. (Note: that is beer. John did not pee on the floor. That would have been a very different ending, for a very different sort of band.)

Are  you hearing Mary J. Blige’s ‘Real Love’ in your head right now? I am.

From left to right: David (sound), Sam, moi, Mike, Tom, Shirley, Stephin, Nick, John, Claudia, Shawn, Jason. Not pictured: Y-Mike, Julia, Eve. We all had a delightful time. The end of tour is always like the end of summer camp, with people’s parents coming to whisk them away before you really get a chance to say goodbye.

Or, you know, before you get a chance to hail a cab to a gay bar in your cub scout uniform. Also, Stephin’s last US real estate pick for you is what he describes as “the worst thing ever.” The building is directly across the street from the Variety Playhouse. Stephin said he liked the idea of the porn ending unhappily. I think that means he’ll miss his part-time job as a real estate scout, don’t you?

This morning, we got up early and hit the road. We stopped somewhere in North Carolina for buckets of sweet tea.

When I have my own band, it’ll be called Laser Tag. This is the cover of my first record, Extreme Laser Tag.

And then, after several thwarted attempts earlier in the tour, we finally made it to the movie. We saw 21 Jump Street, which Mike liked more than I did, but we both agreed that Channing Tatum can do whatever he wants, forever.

Tomorrow we’ll drive the rest of the way home, and start compiling out facts and figures for you. Stay tuned!

love and popcorn,